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Attract the right talent for you

Access Nicer's pioneering recruitment & employee profiling platform to map out your needs and culture to candidates with the right capabilities and personality.

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Attract the right people for your culture

Nicer's culture assessment technology enables you to understand the culture of your business from the perspective of the board, management and your employees. 


Receive 100% independent feedback from your employees on how they perceive your current culture, and what culture they would like to work towards. 

Utilise this insight to drive change, ensure your culture is internally consistent and is focussed towards driving your corporate strategy. 

Become a desired destination

Attracting top talent is a challenge. Make your package stand out to prospective candidates.

  • Integrate our career development platform with your offering to show candidates you are putting their development at the top of your priorities. 

  • Invest the cost saved through recruiting with Nicer back into your employee development & offering competitive salaries.

  • Promote your brand through our events and the Nicer Network marketing channels.

  • Get actively promoted by Nicer to the top talent in the Nicer Network up to 12 times a year.

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Test your employee offer

Learn what candidates think of your employee offering so you can tweak and perfect your offer before approaching your target candidates to maximise your potential to land the top talent. 


Anonymously test your offering to candidates within the Nicer Network and get invaluable feedback to the strengths and weaknesses of your offer. 

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