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Brand Advocacy

Developing your employees to be powerful brand advocates for your company both during employment and once they leave.

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Eliminating the Stress and Cost of Outplacement

Leaving an organisation is stressful and can create negative views about your business. The Nicer approach minimises that stress and can eliminate the need for costly outplacement support. Using our approach makes sure those leaving have:

  • Clarity about their strengths

  • A robust CV and LinkedIn profile

  • Clarity on the role and type of company they would like to work 

  • A rich network of people who know them and can introduce them to target companies

  • Support services that can help them promote themselves to target organisations 

Making Sure Employees Leave with Great Things to Say about your Company

Unlike tradition HR development processes inwardly focused on the business, compliance and inner-company career development, Nicer Teams focuses on realising the individual and their long term career aspirations.

Nicer Teams provide your staff with the tools to think about their future, design a 5 year career plan, gain access to industry leading mentors and personalised coaching, identify development capabilities they need to progress, access leading development materials to make their future a reality.

Your impact on an individual's career development extends well beyond the time an they spend with you.

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Industry Networking to Enhance Sales and Brand Awareness

Nicer Teams provides a platform to build professional relationships with clients, prospects and with influential contacts across the industry you operate in.  

The Nicer Network which forms an integral part of the Nicer solution provides a private networking capability where your staff are encouraged to build valuable connections.

These connections support sales processes and marketing efforts, by accessing experts across the industry to inform decisions and learn of trending topics within the sector.

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