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Transform your recruitment model

Recruit the right people, significantly reduce your costs and build your best teams.

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Meeting at the office

Cut recruitment cost by over 50%

NicerTeams is a subscription-based service that can be flexed to meet your changing business requirements. With our bespoke memberships, the transactional recruitment fee can be as low as 0%. Nicer generate revenue through multiple different streams enabling us to offer competitive recruitment packages that save you time and money.

Recruiting with Nicer also dramatically reduces the hidden costs of employment. 

  • Integrated all-in-one employee management solution that recruits, onboards and develops new employees. 

  • Advanced candidate matching engine ensures candidates are better suited to role demands, the team they will be working in and your organisation as a whole. This reduces the amount onboarding, training and education required.

  • Our pre-validated candidates save senior management time and eliminate the costly early interviewing stages. 

Advanced candidate matching

Comparing Nicer candidates through our dashboard shows you detailed profiles of candidates that have been matched accurately to their prospective role, team and your organisation as a whole.

Our matching engine correlates not only candidates' tangible skills & experience, but also their personality, culture preferences and work style to the manager, team and organisation they will be joining. 


  • Only see candidates with suitable profiles.

  • Only see candidates that align with your culture.

  • Match candidates' behaviour & work styles to their prospective manager.

  • Reduce the integration time and cost of new employees into your teams.

  • Reduce the risk of employing the wrong candidate to minimise employee churn.

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"60% of either the employee or employer are dissatisfied with their choice after only 18 months"

Candidates fully pre-vetted by industry executives

All Nicer candidates go through a series of interviews with industry senior executives with relevant expertise to assess and validate their profiles. 


  • Candidate capabilities independently referenced.

  • Clients only get presented with suitable candidates.

  • Reduced operational cost and candidate selection risk with senior staff only required in late-stage interviewing.

Candidates are further validated by past colleagues and employers through the Nicer 360-degree feedback tool. 

Speed up your recruitment cycles

Significantly reduce the hidden cost of recruitment and let your senior managers focus on your key business activities. 

Bypass early screening processes through rapidly accessing candidates that have been pre-interviewed by senior industry executives.

Don't put up with CV's any longer. Rapidly compare and contrast candidates' complete profiles through the innovative candidate assessment portal. 

Enhance your capacity to interview candidates you find through other services via the Nicer expert network. 

Modern Workspace

Proactive recruitment

Start your recruitment cycles earlier to increase your chances of landing the right people at the right time.  

Work together with Nicer to outline your long-term resourcing plans and start proactively searching for candidates ahead of your recruitment cycle so that you can land the right people at the right time.

Talent pool

Save candidates to your Nicer 'Talent Pool' and start building relationships with prospective candidates' way in advance of your recruitment cycle to increase your odds of securing top talent.

Out with the old

Transactional recruitment model with agencies that offer no value- added services after securing candidates. 


High transaction fees of up to 40%.

Presented with a high volume of unsuitable candidates that require multiple interviews

Candidates assessed by recruiters that lack subject matter knowledge to critically assess candidate suitability

Candidates matched based only on poor quality CVs. No matching of culture, personality and work style to your organisation. 

Senior management time taken away from critical business activities to interview ill-fitting candidates

In with the new

All-in-one employee management system that recruits, onboards and develops your people.

Transaction fees as low as 0%. 

Presented with suitable candidates that have been pre-validated by subject matter experts and only require late-stage interviewing

Advanced candidate matching technology that captures culture, personality and work-style suitability.

Save senior management time by augmenting your interview capacity through senior executives within the Nicer network

Lean on industry advisors who understand your business requirements to optimise recruitment processes

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