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Integrated onboarding

Onboard and 're-board' your employees to profile your teams like never before.

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Fast-track your onboarding

Save cost by speeding up your onboarding processes through the Nicer platform and manage your employee lifecycle in one place.

Onboarding and 'reboarding' your employees with Nicer technology captures skills & capabilities, career aspirations, culture preferences, personality and more to identify where best to allocate training materials and content to save your time. 

Tailored content & training 

Deliver tailored content and training packages through a single platform and distribute them through our education centre to your employees. 

Use the task planner to ensure employees are up to date with onboarding content. 

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Store key documents

Manage and process all key documents as part of KYC and employee management. Store documents, certificates and ID's in a secure centralised hub to fastrack onboarding and maintain employee information. 

Integrated employee life-cycle solution

Keep it simple with an all-in-one employee lifecycle platform where you can find and manage prospective candidates, seamlessly integrate successful recruits straight into your team through tailored onboarding, and watch them thrive through individual career development plans that looks to align their aspirations with your organisations success. 

Recruit, onboard and develop your people all through NicerTeams.

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