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Develop your people

A career development platform built for the individual. 

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Employee career development 

NicerTeams is connected to our unique career development platform that enables our members to achieve their career aspirations. 


Members are profiled in detail with the same technology & validation interviewing that drives our recruitment solution. 

Benefits? ​​​

  • Increase staff engagement & satisfaction that will drive productivity & reduce employee churn.

  • Create a development-focussed culture.

Develop your managers

85% of employees say that the main reason they left their last role was due to their manager. 

Reviewing and developing your managers is an powerful tool to optimise your organisations potential, increase employee satisfaction and reduce employee churn. 

  • Unlock insight from your employees on their direct managers to identify development areas. 

  • Connect management to key training and development packages that improve their ability to lead.

  • Connect managers to mentors and coaches within the Nicer network.

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The power of employee networking

The Nicer Network is connected to over 15,000 senior executives within the Financial Services, IT and Fintech sectors. 

Enhance decision making capability. 

Dramatically improve your decision making capability by augmenting your workforce through the Nicer Network. Enable your employees to create groups and peer networks with senior industry leaders to encourage collaboration and improve your decision making capability. 

Personal Networking

Encourage your employees to grow their professional network to foster new relationships that may provide value for their career, increase your marketing reach through your employees acting as advocates when growing their network through Nicer. 

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