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Nicer have an extensive team of senior consultants, coaches and experienced partners who provide additional organisational development services not included in all account plans.  

Job Interview

Expert Interviewing by Industry Executives

Order in bundles of 5 additional interviews.  Our Industry Executives have deep subject matter expertise to independently validate the capabilities and experience of candidates.  Accelerate recruitment cycle time, reduce pressure on scarce management resources, use professional interviewers to improve selection process and ensure diversity.



Office Consultation

Organisational Culture & Capability Assessment

Our career development platform provides organisations with the opportunity to profile their company.  Nicer offer additional consulting services to analyse the output and make recommendations.  Our focus will be on analysing corporate culture, how this is viewed from the perspective of management, staff and high performance teams.  We also can offer an evaluation of the skill, and capabilities of the team and contrast to an optimal mix to maximise productivity and align with corporate strategy.


On Application

Chart analysis

Candidate Assessment Platform

Purchase additional pack of 10 candidate assessments to help you eliminate poorly matched individuals.   The assessment pack includes: skill and experience assessment, team and leadership capabilities, culture profiling, psychometric assessment, and 360 Degree external validation.  Specialised tests can be purchased on request to cover technical skills and specialist business capabilities. 



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