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The Nicer Network

An high quality career and relationship network for members invited by referral with experience and capabilities independently verified

Career Development

 NicerWork and NicerConsult supports our members with their careers providing in depth personal profiling supported by development materials and 1-2-1 coaching.  Nicer and our industry coaches support our members throughout their career lifecycle matching their needs with organisations that have the right personality and opportunities for growth.

High Quality Data

Central to our mission is securing exceptional levels of data quality covering career profiles, key skills, knowledge and experience on each of our members. Data on our members is verified through: independent industry experts with relevant expertise, past colleagues and employers. 

In addition to this information "curation" process, we also identify for each member the business relationships that they can influence and have real commercial value.  


People in employment looking to enhance their careers or offering unique sector expertise.  Members are invited through recommendation and have their expertise independently validated.

Business Meeting

Independent consultants  offering deep insight of key subjects within their industry.  All consultants have industry experience, have been referred and have had their expertise independently verified.   

The power of Nicer assets

Studio Portrait

These two core assets, the curated member profiles and member relationships, are used by the Nicer Group to maximise the intrinsic value of each of our members, to bridge these to external market demands, and to further our members career ambitions. 

Candidate matching

We seek to secure an exceptionally high match of our members to corporate clients to maximise job satisfaction and build long term sustainable mutually rewarding relationships.


We connect you to the right candidate at the right time for both your organisation and their career. 

Access a Unique Network & Human Capital to 
Transform Your Business

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