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The future of employee relationship management 

NicerTeams transforms your business by unlocking your employees potential

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Revolutionising your approach to employee engagement

Providing innovative data-driven insights on your people, an employee career development platform and industry leading advisory services to transform how you attract, recruit and develop your teams to reduce employee churn, maximise productivity and enhance your profit. 

Cut your recruitment cost by 50%

Yes you read that right, 50%.

NicerTeams is an employee management solution that radically changes how you manage and develop your employees to optimise the performance of your teams.


Transform your recruitment model so you can start attracting the right talent for you.

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Invest in your people so they invest in you

Nicer offer a unique career development solution designed for the individual so they can transform their careers.

NicerTeams connects our career development platform and client-facing solutions to offer a revolutionary approach to employee management. 


  • Increase employee satisfaction by showing you truly care through investing in personalised career development plans. 

  • Identify skill gaps in your employees profiles that are essential for your organisation to grow.

  • Automate and encourage employee networking to find new business and form industry peer groups to improve internal decision making.

  • Create a cooperative relationship by aligning your employees aspirations with your key business activities to achieve your goals. 

Maximise productivity and enhance profits

Combine insight from aggregate employee data & our industry specific advisory support to identify the limiting factors holding back your productivity and eating into your profits. 

  • Enable peer collaboration across our networks to reduce risk of poor decision making.

  • Access advanced recruitment profiling to match the right individuals to your organisation and optimise the potential of your teams.

  • Watch employee productivity rise as you prioritise staff development.

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Leading consultants to help transform your organisation

What differentiates NicerTeams from other solutions is the depth and breadth of experience in our partners and senior executives that support our solutions to help you transform your business.

All of our consultants are internationally recognised leaders in their 

fields including organisational change, culture development, operational transformation and productivity acceleration.


The team have 100's of years of experience spanning industries including Financial Services, Fintech, IT, Telco, FMCG, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals and Media. 

Our Senior Partners operate with leading brands. 

  • Work with FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies

  • Senior Partners from the Big-4 Management Consultancies

  • CEO's, CTO's, CPO's & CIO's of Blue Chip brands

"50-60% of employers/employees are significantly dissatisfied within 18 months of joining a company"
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